October 9, 2006


受到不少網友好評,並在過去替本人舊部落格帶來不少流量的網路相簿 Zoto,日前宣佈將於十一月底推出新版本的服務,並表示不再提供免費服務,每一個免費帳號皆必須升級成付費照號才能繼續使用。若是不打算付費、升級,站方將提供下載連結以便使用者備份。

原本Zoto提供免費的2G相簿空間,付費帳號則是5G / 44 USD pre year;雖說付費帳號的價格和功能都略遜於Flickr,但免費帳號真的很吸引人,甚至有網友將其被評為「完美的網路相簿」。然而在網路相簿服務風起雲湧、免費空間滿街跑的今日,Zoto卻反其道而行,選擇取消免費服務,是因為有自信以新版本打敗其他的競爭對手嗎?

隨著有名大站的跳槽風起,以及Zoto收費模式的改變,(至少在台灣)將成為其他相簿服務崛起的好機會,web 2.0的江湖上會掀起怎麼樣的腥風血雨,就讓我們靜觀其變吧!

不過就某些方面來說,Flickr的策略跟Zoto好像也差不多,因為Flickr的免費帳號根本是「有跟沒有一樣」嘛 XD

原文:Zoto Preview 3.0 Ready

The Preview Release of Zoto 3.0 is now up at http://www.zoto.net! We have released the preview to give you an idea of what we have in store for the next release of Zoto, which will be production ready by the end of November, 2006.

Over the last six months we’ve been slaving away on the new release of Zoto 3.0. We went back and started from scratch, taking everything we had learned thus far and applied it to building a true web-based application for storing, organizing, viewing, and sharing your photos online. The new version is faster than any other photo sharing site out there, and will provide all the great features that you’ve come to love on the existing Zoto, including custom galleries, and geo-tagging, while adding many new features like customized homepages, tag lookaheads, groups for sharing images with the community, and a new bulk tagging editor, built right into the lightbox. We hope that you agree that Zoto will soon become the best place to store and share your images online.

We must warn you though - the release of 3.0 will mark changes in the way our revenue model works. Starting the day we release, Zoto will no longer offer free accounts to its subscribers. While we realize that many of you will be affected by this change, Zoto must transition itself into producing revenue to continue providing high-quality, reliable software to the people that have chosen to pay for their accounts.

When we upgrade sometime toward the end of the year, all existing free accounts will be required to upgrade their account to a paying account. We appreciate all of our users, and we would like to extend a limited time offer on upgrading your accounts for $9.95/year. Normal signups after the release will be raised to $29.95, and if you signed up for a pro account before the upgrade, we will be giving you a free year on top of what you’ve already purchased, and offering you another year’s service on top of that for $4.95.

For those of you not wishing to upgrade your accounts, we will be providing a download link that will allow you to download all of your images off Zoto. The downloads will be available for 3 months after our release. After that, your old account and images will be removed from the system.

If you have questions, comments or rants about the 3.0 release, you can direct them to the Zoto 3.0 Preview forum.

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