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奉呈 春の新作 Screamin 4 Vengeance

Screamin 4 Vengeance


Screamin 4 Vengeance


Product Description

Explicit Version. Awaiting a new trial, the man born Corey Miller returns with his first studio album in five years, Screamin' 4 Vengeance, a forceful artistic statement that allows him to voice his displeasure with an unjust legal system and deliver the type of bonecrushing Rap that became his signature with the release of his debut platinum selling album, 1998's grisly Life Or Death. Despite the obstacles he has overcome in the last few years, C-Murder hasn't lost his creative edge. This steadfast ruggedness is on full display on the sinister 'Murder Man Dance.' The gruff tune contains the classic ingredients that make up a classic C-Murder track: gritty lyrics accented with controlled vocal fury and a grimy beat that is as intimidating as it is catchy. When the world turned its back on C-Murder, it was only giving him ammunition to fuel a monstrous comeback.

Screamin 4 Vengeance

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